Thursday, 1 November 2012

Don't Stop Living Update!!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are having a great day! I have some exciting news to tell you today. If you are reading, it's possible you have visited my blog before, if not , welcome! And here's my brand new website to celebrate 5 years of Don't Stop Living!

The new website is here: 

All the stories from here will be moving across over time and all my new travel tips and stories will be going on there! It will be a lot easier to navigate and interact.

And you can follow me on facebook now much easier! A simple click!:

I launched "Don't Stop Living" in August 2007 during a round the world trip I did that year. I cannot believe it is now over five years that my site has been running. It started as just a travel diary with some photos and thoughts and has developed into something a lot bigger. 

This journey has now taken me around the world further than I could have imagined, all 7 continents and I'll be visiting my 70th country in the next few months.

In the last year almost 50,000 people have viewed this site. That's almost 1,000 visitors a week (and even if 100 of those are myself, my friends and family), it's still a huge number. So thanks for dropping by!

So I am moving the site to its own new domain, where it will continue. On the new site, there will be a lot more detail, easier navigation and the usual mix of stories with some new and exciting additions.

This blog here will continue of course, but my main website is now here:

I even use twitter, google plus and stumble upon now so will link those up too!

So give the new site a visit if you have the time and hopefully you will enjoy it. I will be updating on here soon, and building my new site over the next few months as well as working on the travelling Northern Ireland flag site and backpacking in China.

Thanks for visiting, don't stop living!!!


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